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Officer Background Standards

Kingston Police Officers are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping our community safe. 

Background checks are a critical component of the hiring process at Kingston Police. Police Officer candidates must demonstrate maturity, ethical and moral integrity, make consistently sound decisions and be people-focused. Candidate’s past decisions, judgements and behaviours will be assessed through the intensive background check. Police Officers hold positions of special public trust and we are committed to hiring candidates who are responsible and capable of upholding this trust.

Candidates should critically assess their own background against the desired behaviours before beginning the application process. Negative behaviours in your past may or may not effect your application depending on the length of time that has transpired. 

We recommend to all candidates that they be truthful and forthcoming in the background investigation process. Candidates may be disqualified from the hiring process should information come forward that had been purposefully omitted or withheld.

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