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Officer Career Development

Kingston Police is one of the largest of the medium size services, allowing Officers to have the best of both worlds – an organization small enough where everyone knows your name and yet large enough for Officers to have many opportunities for career development.

There are many specialized units within Kingston Police. These units are not direct entry and require specific training. Vacancies for these units are posted and officers who meet the eligibility and requirements may apply. Although there is no mandated length of time in these units, officers can expect multiple movements during their career to ensure there are opportunities to grow. 

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations encompasses several investigative units that are responsible for conducting thorough investigations on significant and complex cases. 

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Special Services

Special Services consists of several covert units. Their investigations are primarily self-generated through proactive policing. The work is often high-intensity, fast-paced, and multi-faceted. 

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Forensic Identification

The Forensic Identification Unit (IDENT) is responsible for collecting, documenting, and analyzing evidence found at crime scenes. Ident Officers work with all units, focusing on larger cases, usually involving thefts, break and enters, and any major violent crimes. 

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